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The Berber carpet, an authentic piece considered as an object of art in its own right, is handcrafted in the Algerian weaving tradition, according to a know-how and a carpet weaving technique passed down from generation to generation.


power up your energy and be connected to your senses by using our pure natural mixture of Seghina & Oud

Dar ikram

Fine vintage woolen rugs made by love for your interior confort . Epitome of warmth and luxury, berber rugs  gives real plushy feeling that warm you up in winter and cool you down in summer. Our carpets are made from the excellent high quality sheep wool and the best  women’s  touch. Every Geometric Symbol carries the soul and  the history of the region that the carpet comes from. 
You will find on the  online store different types of Berber rugs from different Amazigh regions in the northern Africa with  various colors and patterns inspired from different tribes.

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