More than a trip … a story of love and passion
How not to get attached to the Berber community, its history and its culture? Sometimes it only takes one trip and one meeting to turn your life upside down and your carefully planned plans to be completely questioned and changed.

A trip to the heart of berberian culture where the intoxication is total. The tumult of ancient cities, the smells of the markets, the wonderful colors, the diversity of the landscapes: a visual, olfactory and vibrant journey in which you feel alive.

The trigger took place in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, from village to village, during meetings of Berber communities. Besides the beauty and the richness of the landscapes, the generosity of the local population, its desire to share its know-how and its traditions do not leave indifferent.

Passion Berbère was thus born from the enthusiasm for Berber art and culture and from the encounter with the tribes of the heart of the Atlas. Attached to the values ​​of the “free men of the Atlas Mountains”, Passion Berbère highlights Berber know-how and traditions and selects the most beautiful decorative objects for you: Berber rugs, pottery, antiques and jewelry, all symbols of the history of the Algerian and Berber community.

Dar Ikram is made up of a team of passionate entrepreneurs who combine their skills to bring you complete satisfaction.

Our ambition is to make the know-how of the Berber communities prosper by offering you authentic and elaborate objects in the tradition of Berber artisanal manufacturing.

We hope that each room, a reflection of Berber art and culture, can find a place in your living space to not only bring a touch of originality to your interior but also to leave, in your home, a testimony of the Berber history.